In Buck, we trust

As a Mets fan, I trust that Buck Showalter knows what he’s doing. I really do. Even of old habits are hard to break.

I know it’s easy for Mets fans to immediately questions the decisions of the manager.

McNeil batting 8th??? Wait. I trust Buck.

Bringing in (whatever relief pitcher)??? Oh, wait. I trust Buck.

It was easy to question guys like Mickey “Dick pic Mic” Callaway, and Luis Rojas. Neither of them had the experience, knowledge, or record that Buck does. And they made many questionable decisions.

Even before tonight’s game, I wondered if Jake Plumber really was the worst defender in the lineup. Couldn’t he play left field? Let Jeff McNeil get off his legs for another night. Or play McNeil at 2B, Plummer in LF, Escobar to DH, and Guilorme at 3B.

But wait, I trust Buck.

And Guilorme started a slick double play to help Bassit get out of an inning, late in the ballgame.

I trust Buck.

It was easy to questions Mets managers of the past. Whether it was the lineup, the bullpen use, or which players to use off the bench, Mets managers of the recent past have made a ton of bad choices. Enough to drive any baseball fan crazy.

Buck Showalter has been pushing all the right buttons for the New York Mets this season. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Mets fans: sit back, breath, and relax. Know that we have a manager who knows what the Buck he’s doing.