Your 2021 New York Mets

By Hector Mercado

Entering the 2020 offseason, the New York Mets only have three players with guaranteed contracts. With a new owner- billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen – set to take over, there are a lot of decisions to be made for the New York Mets management..

Since this seems to be the thing to do now, I’m going to give it a shot. Here are the moves the Mets should make, and why they should be there.

Micheal Confortoright field-

Conforto is probably the best all around player currently on the team. The Mets need to look at extending him this now.

Dominic Smithfirst base 
Dom is much better than Alonso defensively, at first.

Pete Alonsodesignated hitter-
I don’t think he’s as good as his 53 homer season but Pete also isn’t as “bad” as he was this season. If an .817 OPS is Alonso’s floor, he’ll have a pretty solid career. 

Jeff NcNeilsuper utility
This Swiss Army knife on standby, McNeil’s value comes in being able to play multiple positions well. 2021 should see McNeil at second, third, and both corner outfield spots

Robinson Canosecond base- 
I was glad to see his return to form this season. 2019 was marked by a
a lot of injuries for Cano. 2020 showed that when healthy, Robinson Cano can still be productive.

The starting pitching:
Right now, the Mets starting rotations consists of Jacob deGrom, David Peterson, and Noah Syndergaard (
depending on the timeline)

The Pen

Edwin Diaz -close-
“Sugar” Diaz showed he still can be
dominant. The closer roll is his going into the 2021 season. 

Hold overs for the bullpen going into next season, will be Seth Lugo, Dellin Betances (he has a player option and after last year he will pick it up), Brad Brach (same as Dellin), Jeurys Familia, and Miguel Castro

Brandon Nimmocenterfield– has him ranked as the 9th best centerfielder in the league going into the season and he didn’t disappoint. He will be ranked higher next year. Nimmo continues to be one of the best (WAR ranked 8th, wRC+ ranked 4th in all of MLB) offense threats for centerfield in the majors.

Free Agent/ Trades:

The Mets need to make a splash with a new owner and a fan base who is sick of losing. The Mets will also want two to three starting pitchers, and two to three solid end game relievers (not necessarily closing, but high leverage situations are a must

Marcus Stromanstarting pitcher- 

A year after the Mets watched Zack Wheeler walk, only to kill the Mets on the field, for a division rival, they can’t make that mistake again.

The New York Mets should sign Marcus Storm to a 5 to 6 year, $100-$120 million contract. 

Robby Raystarting pitcher

I’m going to admit, most people wouldn’t agree with this pick up. This kid’s stuff is electric but Ray is a head case. The Mets need a strong pitching coach who can get him on the right track. Signing him also might allow him to go to the pen, where I feel like Ray will shine. 

The Mets should sign Robbie Ray -starting pitcher- to a 3 year, $40-$45 million contract. 

Taijuan Walkerstarting pitcher

For as long as he’s been around, Walker is only 28. He’s had an odd couple of years but he appears to be back to having good stuff (2020: 53 IP, 50SO, 19BB, ERA 2.70). I’d be more than willing to overspend for a one year prove it contract.

A 1 year, $18 million contract for Taijuan Walker to join the Mets for 2021.

Shane Greenerelief pitcher-
Greene has been flat out dominant  with a sub 2 era and a whip around 1. While this shouldn’t be the entire reason to sign him, anytime you can improve your team and hurt a division rival you do it. 

The Mets should sign Greene (RP) for 3 years for $40-$42 million. 

Alex Colomerelief pitcher

Colome has the type of experience that would play really well in our pen. He’s got the closing experience and could certainly step up into that roll if needed. 

Colome also has the “Andrew Miller” ego that he still does his job when the S isn’t on the line. 

Mets should add him for 2 year, at $30 million.

Oliver Perez – relief pitcher

I honestly can’t tell you if I’m trolling myself here. Did I really just type that? *checks stats* ERA: 2 WHIP: 1.06.

He’s a lefty but won’t be too effected by that three batter rule because he can easily go an inning.

The New York Mets should sign Oliver Perez (RP), to a one year contract, for $12 million, with a mutual option for 2022.

(Editor’s note. Hector is new on our staff. Please do not scare him away for this “hot take”, on fan fave, Ollie Perez)

Fransisco Lindorshortstop

Trade JD Davis, Andres Gimenez, Matt Allen and Mark Vientos, and sign Lindor to a 10 year, $320 million dollar contract.

Lindor is every bit the player Machado was when he snagged his contract. Steve Cohen will have his cornerstone.

Lindor gets a lot of money to play for a team with a fan base that has a love of our Latin players.

The Indians get a legitimate power bat that is proven to be big league ready in Davis, a MLB ready shortstop who is young and controllable for years to come, one of the top pitching prospects in the game and someone who profiles as a top 6 in the order bat who should be big league ready in 2022.

What about catcher?
All I hear is J.T. Realmuto or James McCann. Then inevitably someone doesn’t realize that James McCann is a person and think we are talking about Brian McCann. Let’s skip all that.

Sal Perez to the Mets for Amed Rosario and Thomas Szapucki.

The Kansas City Royals are in a full rebuild mode. While this year was a disaster for Rosario, he’s the type of player the Royals would love to get and mold. Solid skills and middle of the rotation prospect.

The Mets get Sal Perez, who is a top five catcher in the game. Sign him to a 5 year $125 million contract.

This team would do more than compete in 2021, they would be a force. Do we give up great prospects and some fan favorites? Yes. But this team could be truly Amazin’.