Baltimore Orioles beat: Trade Manny Machado for NY Mets Brandon Nimmo

Baltimore orioles should start the rebuild process now. First step is trading Manny Machado to the NY Mets for Brandon Nimmo


New York Mets had one amazin’ off season in 2018

In Major League Baseball, the 2018 off season was one of the slowest off seasons in recent memory. So few free agents have been signed, that player agents have suggested the players might boycott spring training games. The Mets have been extremely active however. A stark contrast to the rest of the league. The Mets … Continue reading New York Mets had one amazin’ off season in 2018

Launch speed and pitch location

Exploring Baseball Data with R

For this post, I thought I’d do something a little different.  I’d start with a baseball question and describe the process for getting the relevant data and constructing a reasonable graph to address the question.

The question

There is a lot of talk nowadays about a hitter’s launch speed.  Thinking about this, I’m interested in how the launch speed of a batted ball depends on the location of the pitch.  Certainly, one would anticipate that the batted ball’s launch speed is greatest for pitches in the middle of the strike zone, but I’m interested how the launch speed varies for other pitch locations.

The data

Currently, the best source of data is through the Statcast system and Bill Pettit has written a package baseballr that makes it easy for reading in the relevant data.  Using the function scrape_statcast_savant_batter_all(), I collected all of the pitch-by-pitch data for all games played…

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