About Fearless Baseball

FearlessBaseball.Blog is a collective of extremely online baseball enthusiast from across the United States. We got tired of the lack of depth of topics circulating around social media. Our goal is to elevate the level of discourse about the game of baseball, that we all love.

Some of our ideas are far fetched. We are the first to admit this. Some ideas are ahead of their time. We realize that. We are willing to accept that. So feel free to call us crazy. We’re used to it.

Collectively, we watch a lot of baseball games. We talk about baseball a lot. We read about baseball a lot. And we think about baseball a lot. That’s how our ideas start and grow. This blog is an attempt to share some of those baseball ideas, thoughts and abstract concepts. We hope these ideas appeal to both the hard core baseball fans, as well as the casual fans out there.

We will say, we are based in New York, and we certainly have a New York Mets slant to most of our posts. We also enjoy the modern game of baseball, including modern strategy and analytics. So there won’t be articles promoting a sac bunt in the 3rd inning from the from the 2-hole batter. But, we also try not to make most of the articles too technical, where it’s hard for a casual fan to follow. So there won’t be paragraphs filled with players xWOBA (too often).


We write and publish as one (with the obvious exception of articles by Dr. Duke), because we want the ideas to stand out, not the authors. Most of our readers come from various social media outlets. We have found that many readers could have preconceived ideas about various authors, and that those preconceived notions can distract from the ideas in the articles.