Edwin Diaz Injury Hints at the Mets’ Need for Matt Harvey in 2023

The New York Mets have had their fair share of injury woes over the years and the latest – Edwin Diaz’s injury – is yet another reminder of how easily a team’s fortunes can change in a matter of days. Diaz, the best closer the in majors last season, injured his knee as he celebrated win in the World Baseball Classic on Wednesday night. 

The Mets have been hit hard by injuries this season, with several key players missing extended periods of time. The absence of Diaz is a big blow to the team’s bullpen, and they will need to find a way to cope without him.

However, the injury to Diaz also highlights the Mets’ need for a reliable and experienced pitcher in 2023, and Matt Harvey could be their man.

Harvey, who had a brief but unforgettable stint with the Mets from 2012-2018, has been looking to revive his career after several injury setbacks. The soon to be 34-year-old pitcher has had a tough few years, bouncing from team to team and struggling to find his form. But he is pitching well for Team Italy in the WBC. 

After 2 starts, Harvey has an ERA of 1.29 in seven innings. He’s allowed 4 hits and one walk, while striking out 3 batters. 

The Mets are no strangers to Harvey’s talents, having seen him dominate opposing hitters in his prime. Harvey’s presence on the pitching staff would bring a level of experience and cockiness that the Mets sorely need in their push for a playoff spot this year.

Harvey’s talent and success with the Mets should not be forgotten. In 2013, he helped lead the team to its first playoff appearance in six years and was a key player in the team’s run to the World Series in 2015. He even earned the nickname “The Dark Knight” after his impressive performance in the 2013 MLB All-Star Game.

Harvey’s memorable moments with the Mets, however, were often overshadowed by injury setbacks and controversies off the field. The Mets eventually traded Harvey to the Cincinnati Reds in 2018, and he has since pitched for the Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics, and the Kansas City Royals.

Despite the ups and downs, Harvey has never lost his passion for the game or his desire to return to his prime form. He has continued to work hard and improve his game, and he has shown flashes of his former self in his recent outings.

The Mets would be wise to consider signing Harvey for the 2023 season, where he could add depth and experience to the team’s pitching staff, even in a bullpen role. 

Harvey’s presence on the team would also have a positive impact on the fanbase, who some still hold him in high regard despite his departure from the team in 2018.

Of course, signing Harvey is not without risks. Harvey’s injury history is well-documented, and his recent performances have been mixed, at best. However, if the Mets can sign him to a reasonable contract and give him a chance to prove himself, they may find themselves with a valuable asset on their hands.

Ultimately, whether or not the Mets sign Harvey will depend on a number of factors, including his own availability and the team’s plans for its pitching staff. However, with Diaz down, the Mets’ need for a reliable and experienced pitcher cannot be ignored, and Harvey could be just the man to fill that gap. His history with the team and his determination to succeed could make him a key player in the Mets’ push for a playoff spot next year.

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