The Mets and a trade for Matt Chapman

News is out that the New York Mets have contacted Sandy Alderson’s former team, the Oakland Athletics, on a blockbuster trade, that will send All Star third-basemen Matt Chapman to Queens.

It would be a blockbuster deal. It’s a trade the New York Mets absolutely should make.

New York Mets get:
Matt Chapman

Oakland gets:
JD Davis
Ronnie Mauricio
Brett Baty

Ok. Yes. We know this is giving up a ton. And the Mets should absolutely do this deal.

Ronny Mauricio is a 19 year old shortstop who has power from both sides of the plate. Fangraphs has Mauricio as their 29th best prospect in all of baseball. That’s without minor league games. After playing some actual games, Mauricio’s rankings could skyrocket.

Bret Baty (21) was a first round pick out of high school in 2019.

Both Baty and Mauricio should be fantastic major league players for a long time.

I really like JD Davis. The trade that brought Davis to the Mets was one of Brodie Van Wagenen’s best moves.

But Davis is bad on defense. At third base and in left field. He also struggled verse lefty pitching last season.

Matt Chapman was a first round pick from the Oakland Athletics in 2014. As the winner of 2 platinum gloves, Chapman has been an All Star, and has been recognized as the best defender in the game at third base.

That should be more then enough to get Mets fans excited for this trade.

Defensive runs saved, 2019
JD Davis -5
Matt Chapman 34

Chapman is great on defense. His high school teammate, Nolan Arenado, even said Chapman was the best third baseman in the game.

Chapman is also an offensive threat, with a career slash line of .255/.336/.503 with a career OPS+ of .839. Matt Chapman has been a 7 WAR player each of his first 2 full mlb seasons. He is still under his rookie-control contact, and is under team control through the 2023 season.

Sandy Alderson and new Mets owner Steve Cohen has said the mets don’t plan on blowing up the farm system. And I am completely on board with that. You don’t trade away young players in the hopes of short term gains. History tells us it’s better to keep the younger players, instead of trading for older vets.

But this deal is different. Chapman will be 28; not 32. He’s still under his rookie contact, and is under team control through the 2023 season. At a team friendly price. This trade isn’t about adding a good player, or upgrading the defense.

The Mets have a chance to add another top player to the left side of the infield. If the Mets add Matt Chapman, and sign Francisco Lindor to a long term contract, they could have the best third baseman in baseball, lining up next to the best short stop in the game. Pitchers would love it. They would possible have the best infield in baseball, for years to come.

I don’t make this statement on a whim. This would be like having the best of David Wright, and Jose Reyes, playing together, in the primes of their careers. All while surrounded by quality players all around them.

This trade could take the Mets from am 85-90 win team, to an 95-100 win team. At a time when teams really aren’t paying for those extra wins, this is a huge opportunity for the Mets, and Steve Cohen to really set themselves apart in the National League.

I am against selling the farm for shirt term gains. Adding matt Chapman will cost a lot, but that’s because he is one of the best players in the game. Add him to the Mets lineup, could push the Mets over the top, and would make them the clear favorites in the National League East.

The New York Mets absolutely should Trade for Matt Chapman