Our updated 2021 New York Mets lineup

1) Brandon Nimmo LF (L)
2) Fransisco Lindor SS (S)
3) Jeff McNeil 2B (L)
4) Pete Alonso DH (R)
5) Micheal Confonto RF (L)
6) Kris Davis 3B (R)
7) Dominic Smith 1B (L)
8) James McCannC (R)
9) Jackie Bradley Jr CF (L)

We published our projected NY Mets lineup early this offseason, and it certainly needs an update in!

Gone from the lineup are Robinson Cano. George Springer seems destined for the Blue Jays.

We are as we are as excited for Fransisco Lindor as every other Mets fan. We have been talking about a trade for Lindor for 2 seasons now. He’s a dynamic person both on and off the field, and Mets country is going to be very happy having Lindor in Flushing.

As far as the lineup goes, it’s going to be in flux again this year. Mets fans should get use to seeing many different lineups, as has been the case in previous seasons. And this is totally fine!

We expect to see Lindor batting between Nimmo and McNeil most days. This splits up the 2 left hand hitters, and gives the Mets 3 really tough outs in a row.

We can see some games where Nimmo bats 9th, and Lindor leads off, with McNeil batting 2nd and Alonso 3rd. In our lineup, we have Nimmo leading off, especially verse right handed starters.

This lineup certainly gives the Mets flexibility.

Another new addition to our lineup fits in with that flexible aspect.

Kiki Hernandez is a plus glove all around the diamond. He is also an above average hitter off left handed pitching.

He could be the Mets everyday centerfielder, and would be a significant defensive upgrade over Nimmo in center.

Kiki Hernandez can move around the field, too, allowing the Mets to fit other players in, particularly against lefty pitching, or late in games.

I will admit, I was pretty heavy into signing Marcell Ozuna as a second option, if Springer didn’t sign with the Mets.

I was pretty convinced the Mets needed another right bat. But as I wrote out this lineup, I could see how deep the Mets really are. Conforto could win an MVP batting 5th in this lineup! That’s a deep lineup!

As we were getting this article ready to publish, it seems that Kiki Hernandez signed a two year contract with the Boston Red Sox.

This could make former Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. the Mets next target for centerfield.

JBJ, as he’s known, is a plus defender for centerfield. Any offense would be a bonus, given how deep the Mets lineup is. Bradley also had a really good 2020 season, even if it was only 60 games.

The Mets lineup is deep, even if they don’t add a big right handed bat like Marcel Ozuna. But I still want Kris Bryant though.

He brings solid defense, that big right handed bat we mentioned , an MVP, and a World Series ring. The Mets could use that leadership on top of Bryant’s bat.

If the price is too high, the Mets could stick with JD Davis. But for him to stick with the Mets through the season, he’s either going to have to really mash, especially against lefty pitchers, or his defensive is going to have to take a big leap forward.

The New York Mets have already had a solid offseason leading into the 2021 season. The lineup is deep and young, and has room to get even better.

2021 could be a very exciting season for Mets fans. The Mets should be one of the best hitting teams in the National League.