At $150 million, it became Springer or Conforto for the New York Mets

And the Mets chose wisely

It looks like George Springer will sign a 6 year contract for $150 million with the Toronto Blue Jays.

We’re disappointed as much as anyone. I’ve been a huge fan of his since I had him on a fantasy baseball team at the friendly price of $1 his rookie season. His budget friendly salary helped me win that league a few years later.

But, as the years went on, and the price to keep Springer on my team grew, I moved on from him, for cheaper options.

And the Mets were right to do the same.

When I started to look at this offseason, I first thought the Mets might hate to pick between signing free agent George Springer or extending current Mets right fielder, Michael Conforto.

Conforto is a free agent after this season.

Once it was clear Springer was firm on a 6 year contract, I thought it could be more of a Springer or Nimmo thing, and I was ok with that.

Springer could play CF for 2 years, while the on-base machine, Brandon Nimmo patrols left. Once Nimmo can be a free agent, after 2022, Springer moves to left, and the Mets look for a new center fielder.

Once Springer’s offer hit $150 million though, at $25 AAV, it was going to be tough to sign Springer, extend Conforto, and still have a competitive team for years.

It hurts, but the Mets made the right decision.

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