The NY Post plays idiot Mets fans once again

Today’s lesson in the New York City sports media’s manipulation of Mets fans to sell papers: 

The NY Post is running with the story, always with a big headlines, that says Mayor Bill DeBlasio could block the sell of the Mets.  

NYC was smart to write into the bond agreement for Citi field, that the city (THE CITY) could protect its investment by making sure a convicted felon does not buy the team.

The NYC owns the land Citi field (and previously, Shea Stadium) sits on. As they do the land Yankee stadium sits on.

(Pretty sure they did this for the bonds for the new yanks stadium, too)

The city of NY preventing a convicted felon from buying a NY sports team. Is that a bad thing?What if it was Bernie Madoff trying to buy the club from his good friends, the Wilpons?

But that’s not the article the Post runs. They run the article that says DeBlasio could kill the deal.&nbsp

The New York Post:

1) does not like DeBlasio

2) knows that pissing off Mets fans, with talk of the owners, sells newspapers.

The Post has done this for years. Spread misinformation, and half truths to bash the Mets ownership. All of this, just to sell some more papers.

It’s yellow journalism at its finest.

The Post does this because they know pissed off Mets fans buy more papers, and share these types of stories on social media. All of the Mets Facebook groups have been littered with these stories, condemning Mayor DeBlasio. 

Cohen’s past run in with the securities and exchange commission is not enough for the City of NY to block the sale. And it doesn’t matter who the mayor is. 

The city is not going to block a $2.5 billion business deal from happening.

The Post is just using this to get fans of the New York Mets all worked up. Just so the Post can make a few more dollars. 

Rest easy Mets fans. There is no reason for the City to block this deal.

The Wilpons will soon be gone. And the rest of us fans have plenty to look forward to.