2020: a very “‘Mets” season

We, generally, are not Mets bashers. No one here is a member of the “Mets are always wrong” society. We support the Mets in thick and thin. “Loyal to the last out” means something to us.

However, this 2020 Major League Baseball season has been the most “Mets” season ever.

This odd season started with hiring of Carlos Beltran to be the new Mets manager after an extensive search.

While we had our own thoughts on who should be the next Mets manager, we were so happy the Mets hired Beltran, and brought him back to the Mets.  

Carlos Beltran got caught up in the aftermath of the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal, and he and the Mets parted way. This meant the Mets had to do yet another extensive search to find the next new manager.  

Many fans were hoping the Mets would take this opportunity to hire an experienced, quality major league manager.

The Mets instead hired Louis Rojas. He has never managed in the big leagues before.

There was some good news for Mets fans though. The Wilpons announced – to the thrill of fans- that they were finally to sell the team.

Billionaire and lifelong Mets fan Steve purchase the Mets for $2.5 billion.

But this is 2020. And Mets are gonna Mets. This year more than ever.
The purchase by Cohen fell through and now it’s an open bidding process. Arod and Jennifer Lopez are two of the leading bidders going against Steve Cohen.


After the Beltran debacle, spring training was a welcoming fresh start. And the team looked good. Most seemed healthy, and the pitching and hitting were all clicking during spring training.

Spring training wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Jed Lowery took the field in a huge leg brace again. It wasn’t long before there was no time table for his return. Lowery, very Met like, has only played a handful of games, despite signing a hefty free agent contract.

The biggest news from spring training was of course COVID-19 forcing Major League Baseball to shut down. Just like that, when the New York Mets looked like actual contenders, the season can’t even get started. How very Mets like!!

Most of us were dreading the scheduled opening day without baseball, when more “Mets” news broke. Mets starter Noah Syndergaard would miss the season with Tommy John surgery. That great Mets rotation was falling apart, like a comedy of errors. Mets already refused to re-sign Zach Wheeler. Now Noah was gone too. Pretty Mets like if you ask me.

So the owners and players dragged out the negotiations for the short season for what seemed like forever. Just before the season is going to restart, Stroman goes down with an injured calf. Another hit that that Mets rotation that was supposed to carry us.

The season finally starts. Cespedes made the opening day starting lineup after missing almost 2 years. Pretty sure that triggered a roster bonus. He lasted 5 games before he opted out without telling anyone. The entire story screams “typical mets”. And it was. Especially in the typical mets season.

From the start of the offseason, it seemed that everything that could happen to the Mets just went in typical Mets fashion. Even just on Monday night, we learned that Marcus Stroman has opted out of the season. This after being on the injured this-and getting paid- since the start of the season.

Typical Mets

What does the rest of the season have in store for our beloved New York Mets?