Let’s Blame Diaz!!

The Mets closer gave up yet another 9th inning home run
By Corné Hogeveen


Lets blame Diaz!

If you watched the game on Saturday and believe that we should blame Edwin Diaz, you haven’t watch the game with atmost attention or have a big hate for Edwin Diaz.

Diaz looked good in the ninth for a second straight game against the same hitters (Albies, Freeman and Ozuna). Hitters were late on the fastball and flailing over sliders. Until the 3-2 outside fastball to Ozuna. Ozuna clearly was sitting dead red on the FB and took an outside pitch over the RF wall. Yes, maybe the ball was little higher than a perfect pitch, but even Jacob deGrom can’t get the corners on all pitches. 

Ozuna took a chance that Diaz would go fastball after that nasty slider the pitch before. Ozuna guessed right and didn’t try to pull the ball. If he tried to pull the ball, he would be out. Ozuna did a great job on, again, a fastball just High and outside the zone. 

If you are a fan that wants to blame someone for every loss -which is ridicoulus on its own- blame the offense. Max Fried was not good in his start. The Mets let him get away with so many 3-1 pitches that they went way outside of the zone. Alonso swinging 3-0 and hitting a dribbler, again, against a pitcher having issues controlling. 

What you also can do is this: Be disappointed. But also accept that you can lose these games. Ozuna is a good hitter that got $17 million for a reason. 

Do you know what’s good about baseball? Back at it to redeem today! LGM!