The sale of the NY Mets is starting to bug me

Can we get this over with please?

By special guest writer Corńe Hogeveen

I haven’t been terrible vocal about the pending sale of the New York Mets, because I don’t have a lot of knowledge about money and business.

I do wonder if it can it be done soon, so we can hear fans hate on Cano, Diaz and Familia again?

The Mets sale doesn’t matter to me as much as it does for many other fans.  But there are some things I continue to read online, that really bug me.

I could be wrong about all of these, but here are my thoughts: 

1. Wilpons are cheap

The Wilpons are cheap is all I read about the Wilpon family. In my vocabulary, cheap means very rich people, who don’t spend a dime.

But to my knowledge, the Wilpons are trying to sell the Mets because they are losing money. And still over the last couple of seasons they had a solid payroll.

For all I know, when you lose money, you cut cost. They probably have done some of that, but to me not much into payroll.

I don’t think we can compare the Mets spending to the Yankees and Dodgers, that’s not realistic.

Do I think the Wilpons are terrific owners? No. Obviously they have made mistakes, but in my book, they aren’t cheap.

2.Steve Cohen as the savior

Do I want Cohen? Yes. But all the post I see claim he is the one and only; that he will spend. 

Cohen is a business man and if he loses money I doubt he will spend more. No businessman likes to lose money, especially not over multiple years.

I do think he will try to spend, but if it doesn’t works out, he will spend less as well. 

In the end we all have no idea what Cohen will do and labeling him as our savior is just to much for me. I think people could be very disappointed, fairly soon.

For the record, I would like it to be Cohen, but expectations should be tampered. I like that he is a fan of the team and that makes it seems like he could spend more.

If he doesn’t break even at least, his spending won’t stay up.

Mets should spend, and fans should get to the ballpark. That gets revenue going for a team to spend. The Rays do have a wealthy owner, but they don’t spend as much. Why? Because the fans don’t spend.

3. Mookie Betts in Queens

With the sale of the Mets, everybody is already envisioning a team loaded with stars.

First off Mookie Betts will be a Met. Personally, I don’t want any big time, long term contracts.

I have no interest in paying Mookie Betts $36 million for his age 29-40 year old seasons. Imagine paying him 36 mil from his 34-40 year age seasons.

Damn, that is money not well spend.

Don’t we hate players who haven’t performed the way they get paid? I do.

Maybe I am wrong about all of this. I certainly could be, but this is where I stand now.

Corńe Hogeveen is the number one avid Mets fan in all of the Netherlands. He is the author of the Amazin’ book titled The Diary of a Dutch Mets fanwhere he documents his daily routine as a Mets fan supporting his team from overseas. 
It’s a great read, and we highly recommend it. 

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