Old men, a woman hitting coach, and Social media

Ahh yes. With the news that a Major League Baseball organization hired a women to be their minor league hitting instructor, it set off all kinds of feels around social media, and in particular, Mets fans Facebook groups. 

A woman in professional Baseball!! Heaven forbid!!

Read the article about Rachel Balkovec here

Dinos gotta Dino
Boomers gotta boomer

Yet these dummy dinosaurs are letting the lead bury them! They are completely upset about the wrong thing.

Forget for a moment, that she’s a women. This is a person that never played pro ball. But she has 2 Masters degrees. In “Human movement”.

🚨 nerd alert!! 🚨


The nerds are taking over another aspect of baseball

Bring on the new wave of MLB coaches, while you old timers are still saying “she’s a woman”. No. She’s a nerd. And she is ushering in the new wave of coaches who are also nerds.

Now, pitching and hitting coaches won’t be 45 year old former mlb players with nothing else to do.

They will be professionals, who have studied hitting and pitching their entire adult lives. They will be men and women who not just study these, but also how the body moves and works together when you swing a bat or throw a ball. More and more coaches will get their start, and be hired from both the college ranks, and places like Driveline Sports.


The ones making these uneducated comments about this woman and all women, are the ones who hate stats like WAR, OPS+ and wRC+. I hope they are ready for more talk of spin rate, tunneling and launch angle

Driveline Sports, and places like it, will quickly becomes for coaches, what the websites Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus is for Front Office staff and new metrics.

While these “men” make horrible and vile comments about women in general… while these “men” made vulgar and disgusting comments about this woman in particular, the game of baseball has once against rush passed these dinosaurs like a meteor from outer space about to impact the earth, leading to their ultimate extinction. It’s happening In a way they hate. And they are completely blind to it, because of their 1950s mentality on gender roles, and their hatred towards women.

How do you hit the ball?
Keep the bat in the zone as long as possible
How do I do that?

If you thought analytics was for nerds, what about getting a masters degree in Human Movement?

See the ball; hit the ball? 

Nah son, we’re going to study how the eye receives the images, and how that is transmitted to the brain. We’re going to study how well your eyes work. And where your eyes are looking when the ball is pitched. And how your head moves as you track a pitch. And we’re going to call it Gaze tracking. 


Forget about those nerds and their spread sheet analytics in the front office. The new nerds will have their high speed camera analytics. 

And they will be in the dugout!!

And you’re too busy yelling “But she’s a woman!!!” to notice what’s really happening.

So go on, old men. Keep making comments about sexual harassment lawsuits. Talk about her body. Keep going. You’re missing what should be important to you. Baseball is changing, faster than ever.

Nerdier than ever. 

And you’re still stuck in the past, blind to your own extinction, like the dinosaurs you truly are.