We still believe: A case for final 13 games of the New York Mets 2019 season

Baseball is a cruel mistress

Every spring it starts up again from scratch. Like the world reborn again. It shakes off the death of winter -and last season. The world is full of possibilities. It’s new and fresh. It draws you in. It gives you a new hope for the new year.

You ride the wave of emotions throughout the season. A baseball fan lives and dies on these ups and downs, the ebb and flow of the season. Sometimes it’s hard to catch your breath. 

For everyone but the fans of a very few select teams, the season ends. Just like that. There’s no more baseball to watch. The players, the team, the personalities that you devoted so much time to since February are no longer there.


No fans of baseball knows this heartbreak more than fans of the New York Mets baseball team.

The season always starts with so much hope. So much hype. So much believing. Then the same old story of winning streaks paving way to injuries, mistakes, bad decisions, poor play. There is some inspired play at times, and some great wins, as well as emotional victories. The highs and lows, flowing from one extreme to the other. And then, just like that, no more baseball.


I don’t know how this 2019 season will end. There’s 13 games left in the regular season. Less than 2 weeks, and the Mets will no longer be on SNY every single night. 13 games- anything can happen. 

The Mets are playing meaningful games deep into September. For that, I am grateful. With 13 games left, the Mets still have a chance at the playoffs. With 13 games left, anything could happen.

The Mets could go 13-0 and still miss the playoffs. The Mets could go 7-6 and sink their post-season hopes. Or they could see teams around them crash and burn, with the Mets sneaking in the backdoor.

I don’t know what will happen. But I do know I will miss the Mets when they are gone. Two weeks from now, it’s going to be a very different baseball world, one way or another.

So I am going to appreciate each of these last 13 games, no matter what happens. I’m going to support the Mets no matter what. I’m going to watch as many of the last few regular season games that I can. I am going to pull for each and every player on the Mets to do his absolute best on each and every pitch. I am going to hang on every word Gary Cohen says. I’m going to believe until the very last out. 

Jacob deGrom still has a legitimate shot at winning his second consecutive Cy Young award (We made our case for him here:). But deGrom needs to finish strong to push him over the top. The support of a passionate (and loud) fanbase certainly won’t hurt his case.

Pete Alonso seems to be the run away Rookie of the Year winner. He’ll still need to finish strong to lock his case up. He’s also looking to break Aaron Judge’s rookie homerun record. With games in Colorado and Cincinnati, Alonso certainly has an opportunity for that. The support of a passionate (and loud) fanbase certainly won’t hurt him, either. 

Baseball season is almost over. Even if the Mets make the playoffs, and I hope they do, the season will be over before we know it. And we all know the post season is different than the regular season.

So I’m am going to watch these last 2 weeks of baseball, and I am going to appreciate every second of it. I truly believe the Mets can still make the playoffs. Even if they don’t, there is still a lot to play for in these last 13 games. No matter what happens, I am still going to miss baseball, and the Mets, when the regular season ends. Knowing that, I am going to cherish every last second of the rest of the season. And I encourage all Mets fans to do the same.

You gotta believe

Loyal to the last out