Mets Facebook groups: a review

  • Updated July 11, 2020

If you are an extremely online baseball fan, like we are at Fearless Baseball, you enjoy good online baseball talks, discussions and debates. One wildly effective way to find such stimulating discussions is the ‘Groups’ feature on Facebook.

New York Mets fans are not lacking for options for Facebook groups to join. They all range in size and scope, as well as temperament.

There are groups dedicated to streaming live games. There are groups where most posts take on one form or another of “Let’s go Mets”.

There is still a very active group dedicated to our beloved friend, Wilmer Flores. Our amazin’ broadcasting team even has their own group, moderated by Gary Cohen’s fantastic wife.

We are going narrow the focus, and give a review of just the top 3 groups*.

*These are 3 of the largest, independent, Mets groups on Facebook. They aren’t trying to sell you anything, and they aren’t full of clickbait trash website links. Fearless Baseball also has zero connections to these groups.

True to the Orange and Blue (7,200members)

This is the smallest of the ‘main 3’ groups, and has its own vibe. Friendly. Professional. Classy. Well organized. All terms that could describe this group.

The moderators are hands on, and take their role seriously. They are there to greet new members, and even take the time to wish happy birthday to each member. One thing we really enjoy is that they organize the posts into topics like game day threads, line up threads, and the such. This makes navigating the page so much easier.

It’s a good place to find today’s line up, as well as find and share your current favorite Mets meme. This is very important if you are an extremely online baseball person, like we are.

The downside to all of this is not a lot of depth. There are no real baseball strategy discussions, and when there are, it stays in the shallow end. Any mention of a player’s WAR gets ignored at best. We once shared an interesting, Mets related article from Driveline Baseball on this page. The only comment on the article claimed it was from a ‘worthless fan blog’.

Fearless Basesball is a worthless fan blog. Driveline Baseball today is what Fangraphs and Baseball Prospective were five years ago.

The baseball talk follows pretty closely to the level of the Mets broadcast booth. And you can take that however way you want.

If you want a good, casual Mets baseball group to follow, Stay True to the Orange and Blue might be just right for you.

The True New York Mets fans group (24,400 updated numbers are unavailable).

A Facebook group, with almost 25,000 members is pretty impressive. Which is why it is so extremely concerning how poorly this group is run. The creator of this group seems to enjoy the volatility this group brings, as he continues to name the most hostile and combative of people as moderators.

This group is nasty. Angry. Combative. Negative in every sense of the word. Scrolling through post after post is not enjoyable at all. Especially if you are a Mets fan. The page promotes post after post, story after click bait story about how bad the Mets are.

The “Mets are always wrong” mindset permeates this group in the most horrific ways possible. It seems most of the daily posters actively root for the Mets to lose, to screw up. Just so they can show how ‘smart’ they are. How ‘right’ they are.

Speaking of ‘smart’, you get all the ‘cute’ names here. Mickey Mouse. Coupons. Wilponzis. Forget any kind of intelligent baseball discussion or debate. And that’s just with the members at large.

The “Mets are always wrong” mindset permeates this group in the most horrific ways possible

It gets worse if you disagree or try to engage with a certain moderator who paints himself as THE baseball intellect. Disagree with him, and he will delete your comment. Complain, and this power drunk moderator will mute or ban you from the group. All the while, he promotes the same anti-Mets rhetoric that fires up the lowest common denominator of Mets fans. He even goes out of his way to troll certain group members that continue to disagree with his posts.

This is a garbage group, and is that way because the founder of the group likes it that way. The only way for this group to get better is with a significant change in leadership. Until then, most casual Mets fans are better off looking elsewhere for their Mets talk.

As we are updating this article, we should point out that all of out members, as well as their backup accounts, have been removed from this group. We have all been removed simply for disagreeing with the men that run this group.

As we have all been removed, we cannot give an accurate update, we can only pass on information we have received. According to our sources, the quarantine-and resulting baseball stoppage, has not been good for this group.

If possible, this group has gotten angry, more aggressive, and even more misogynistic. User beware!!

This group continues to be an embarrassment to all Mets fans.

True Mets fans (33,420)

An impressive membership total, this is the largest (that we know of) independent Mets fan group on Facebook. With a membership that high, you get a wide range of posts and comments. This is the group most members of Fearless Baseball visit most often.

It is also the group where one random follower randomly shared Our critique of the Mets broadcast booth, because she found the article interesting. The feedback and personal attacks she received in the first hour were so bad, she left the True Mets fan group completely.

This is also the group where Mrs. Cohen, Gary’s wife, reported some of our criticisms of Gary to the administrators, demanding those posts be removed.

The moderators usually do a good job of keeping the discussions focused on baseball though, while limiting the personal comments and attacks.

This is the one large group where you can have lengthy baseball discussions about a wide range of topics, with a wide range of views.

I’ve even seen some members convert from the ‘old school’ baseball mentally, to the modern approach all MLB teams now follow. So there is-at times- a good back and forth within this group. Even some of the negative Mets comments take on more of a critique vibe, rather than just the Mets bashing you see in other groups.

The True Mets fans group may not be the most perfect group, but it still is a solid, fun group filled with actual Mets fans.

New York Mets fans are a passionate bunch. And there is no where that is more evident than the various Facebook groups. If you are looking to engage with other Mets fans, from all over the country, and even the world, check out some of the Facebook groups on your own, and see if any are a good fit for you.

Did we miss your group? Disagree with out review? Let us know! Comment below, or Join and comment on our Facebook page