The New York Mets don’t need a Tom Seaver statue

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my two grandparents on my mom’s side of the family. I would sleep over their house all the time, especially during the summer. And every summer they would take me on a one to two week vacation. 

They both loved the Mets. During that time I was spending those summers with them, it was the mid 80s hey day. They watched every single Mets game, and I would spend those summers watching with them. They were at Doc Gooden’s one hit game as I watched at their house with my aunt. My Grandpa took me to the game where Doc hit his first homerun.

Their love of the Mets dates back even further, to the original 1962 Mets team. My Grandma loved Tom Seaver most of all, and she would talk about him often. 

I remember the day he won his 300th game. My grandparents and my aunt were sitting in the kitchen, watching every pitch he threw that day on the old, small, black and white TV they had there. It was one of the happiest times I’ve ever seen them. 

My Grandma eventually battled dementia years later, and it was an extremely tough thing to watch. The woman I spent all that time with just wasn’t there anymore. 

I say all this not to claim some super fandom. Or to seem insensitive to Seaver’s plight. More so to explain that I know my Mets history. I grew up in it, and I’ve lived it basically all my life. And I also understand what many Mets fans are going through right now.

When I say the following, it is not out of disrespect for Tom Seaver, or his fans. And I hope you all understand that.

So here we go:

I don’t want the New York Mets to erect a statue of Tom Seaver. I don’t think they should do it. And I think it’s a horrible idea.

Pittsburgh. St Louis. Philadelphia. Milwaukee.

Those are cities that have already built statues of their former great players.

Since when does New York City follow Milwaukee in anything?

The Mets play in NYC. The largest, and best city in the whole country. I hear fans say all the time that since Mets are a ‘major market’ team, they should act like one. 

Why then do so many fans want the Mets to copy Pittsburgh?

New York City is home to some of the greatest minds in the country. From the art world downtown to Wall Street to ad execs on Madison Avenue to everything in between. Why are so many Mets fans ready to settle for something that has already been done by other teams? Can’t a team from New York City put all these great minds in all these different communities together and come up with something really special?

Why can’t we expect more? Tom Seaver deserves something new, fresh, and unique. Something that will truly honor “The Franchise”.

When Rusty Staub passed away, the Mets planted a tree at Citi field that was from the World Trade Center site. During Rusty’s playing days, and even more so after, he spent his time and effort working with and for families of those first responders that have been killed. His efforts only intensified after 9-11. The tree was a fitting and touching idea that well represents the man that Stuab was.

Why can’t the Mets have some creative new idea to honor just how important Tom Seaver was to the Mets, and to all of the New York Mets fans? 

Tom Seaver was a special player, and is a great man. He deserve a proper tribute. 

A statue just isn’t enough