Mets fans and the slow pace of Baseball: Fans trapped in time

Baseball is a slow paced game. There are no shot clocks, no running out the time with a big lead. 

New York City is a fast paced environment. Everyone is in a rush, and has eight different things to do.

The combination of the two might be why New Yorkers are so passionate about baseball. It gives them a pause; a time out. Baseball, to New Yorkers, is a chance to slow things down.

Like time does not exist.

This has side effects though. Because New Yorkers, particularly New York Mets fans, like to think that time does not exist while watching baseball, it leads to some pretty crazy ideas.

Many still want to bring Daniel Murphy back. This despite his worst in the majors defense. This despite his recent microfracture surgery on his knee. 

“But in 2015 he led the Mets to the World Series”
“He was almost MVP in 2016, right after the Mets let him walk”

Baseball slows time down, even for New Yorkers.

As if they are stuck in a time warp. The Mets are currently in the market for a catcher. Any talk of the Mets and catcher undoubtedly leads to fans screaming one name. Jonathan Lucroy. 

Yes, the Jonathon Lucroy of a War of 0.6 in 2017 and -0.7 in 2018. His slugging percentage has not cracked the .400 mark since 2016, and he has a below league average OPS+ over the same timeframe.

Jonathon Lucroy would have been great to add in 2014 or 2015. Not 2019. 

Baseball slows things down for New Yorkers. It freezes moments in time. If you were good -like the ‘86 Mets- you will alway be good. Like Murphy. Like Lucroy.

Because baseball slows time down for Mets fans, if you make a mistake, that mistake is frozen in time, to be forever replayed over and over again.

Just ask any Mets fan about Carlos Beltran. They will not mention his Hall of Fame credentials. Many Mets fans do not even think he belongs in the Hall, let alone a sure fire first ballot inductee. 

No, they will only bring up Beltran looking at strike three, in the final game of the 2006 National League Championship Series. 

Forget that Beltran has over 2700 career hits, and 435 career home runs, to go with 565 career doubles. Forget he has a career war of 70. He is probably the best Mets centerfielder ever. Mets fans remember strike three.

Stuck in time.

Speaking of career WAR numbers, and being stuck in time, do not even mention things like WAR and WPA
or XwOPS. It will just drive these Mets fans mad.

New York City is supposed to be the place of forward, advanced thinkers. Where new ideas and innovation rule the day.

Baseball is slow. Mets fans are stuck in time. They have no need or use for these new numbers. They are perfectly happy believing the game they are watching is the same game from 1983.

Stuck in time.  

Baseball is a slow paced sport. It is also a game of adjustments. It is well past time that Mets fans start making adjustments as well.