Mets fans are vile, horrible and disgusting creatures

I’ll say it again. Mets fans are vile, horrible and disgusting creatures. And no, this is not one of those satirical pieces. Mets fans really are possibly the worst fans in sports. I don’t even want to be writing this piece. I sat down to write an article to explain to all the idiot Mets fans out there, the contractual issues around Peter Alonso not being called up.

Then I went on social media. I guess I should have known better. Those west coast games are rough. Too much time to sit and pound down a bunch of beers. And then too little sleep it off before the next day. So it’s prime time for all the filth to come out from the garbage fans too hung over for the day, that claim to root for the New York Mets.

“Fuck David Wright”

“Wright’s a thief and should be run out of town”

“I never want to ever see Wright in uniform again”

“He’s stealing a roster spot from someone more deserving”

“Wright is a POS”

“Fuck David Wright”

And the kicker:

“David Wright is selfish saying he wants his daughters to see him play. Just leave already”

The amount of disrespect for a man that has literally given every piece of himself that he could, is unreal.

He has taken a 94 mph fastball to the head from Matt Cain that effected him for over a year. He has played with a broken back, and countless other injuries that would have these same fans laid up for weeks, if not months. The Mets even designed and built a brand new ballpark, with dimensions the exact opposite of Wright’s strengths. He played on a couple of good teams, and he had played on several bad teams.

And he has taken all of this in stride, as just part of the game.

David Wright does not need to do anything more to earn, and keep, the respect of anyone. Let alone New York Mets fans.

Smarten up out there.