2018 NY Mets Sunday afternoon game line up

-A line up for those days when you have one beer for breakfast, and another one for dessert

Sunday day games have seen some interesting line ups over the years. More and more Major League Baseball games are being played on Saturday nights now. This means Sunday day games have been used to give veteran players a rest. If Monday is an off day as well, this would give a player two full days off to rest and recover.

When you add a lefty starting pitcher going against the team, sometimes he manager has to get creative.

Taking a look at a potential Sunday day game line up, it is not as crazy as passed years. The Mets would have a deep and pretty balanced line up, with speed up top, and a deep and powerful middle of the order.

1) Reyes 2B

2) Rosario SS

3) Cespedes LF

4) Flores 1B

5) Frazier 3B

6) Plawecki C

7) Nimmo RF

8) Lagares CF

Rosario isn’t quite ready to bat in the top of the line up, but he has to learn sometime. Sunday day game, against a lefty starter, is a low pressure situation where he can be successful.

You could move him, Lagares and Nimmo around in the order

Plawecki plays the day game after a night game to give Travis a blow. Even if Plawecki is playing more then Travis d’Arnaud, I would play Travis Saturday nights, to take advantage of Plawecki on Sunday. This line up gives the Mets a powerful 3-6 middle of the order.

I am a firm believer that Cespedes really shouldn’t play Sunday day games. Ever. It will save his legs, and keep him healthy and productive all season long. The only exception I would make is the occasional lefty starter on Sunday. I would give Cespedes Saturday off before this.

Reyes and Flores play somewhere against all leftie starters.

Bruce and Conforto-when he gets back- will both play against some lefties. That would make the middle of the line up even stronger.