New ownership for the New York Mets?


Be careful what you wish for

I see a lot of posts on Facebook, on twitter, wanting Fred and Jeff Wilpon to sell the New York Mets

I see the same reasons:

They don’t care about the team

They don’t care about the history

They are cheap.

They are only in it for the money

They don’t care about the fans

Ok, fine.

My question is: who do you think buys the team next?

Do you think some life long mets fan, who knows the starting line up of every Mets team since 1964, buys the team?

It will cost probably around $2.5 billion to buy the Mets. That’s a B. For billion.

Is there some life long Mets fan sitting out there worth $5-$10 billion that is ready to buy the team?

The most likely scenario is that either a corporation or a group of investors buys the team.

Either way, they won’t look at it as buying a baseball team. They will look at it as an investment opportunity.

Citi field will be run like a corporation. The corporate lawyers will have strict rules about what can and cannot happen inside the stadium.

Look forward to $20 beers and $10 hotdogs.

Investors are going to want a solid return on their investment. People complain about the Mets budget now. Do you really think a group of investors wouldn’t have a budget?

The Mets take in x amount of dollars. That means they can only spend y amount of money on players, to make sure the investors get their money first.

Investors always get paid first.

Do you think a corporation is going to care about the fan experience? Or what players the fans want to sign?

Or are they going to be more concerned with how much money their investment makes for them?

You don’t like the Wilpons? Ok, cool. I get it. There are lots of reasons to not like them.

Just be careful what you wish for