A case of a player that sucks: Jonathan Lucroy

This is not 2014. Can we please stop the madness?

Jonathan Lucroy sucks, and the New York Mets should not pursue him this off season.

There. It’s been said. His face popped up during the wild card game, and Facebook and twitter were full of Mets fans demanding he is signed immediately.

Only this isn’t 2014.

It seems like many casual Mets fans hear a name mentioned enough times, they just stick with it. Until somebody better comes along. Same people say the Mets should sign Ian Kinsler to fill to hole at second, and add Andrew McCutchen to play the outfield.

Again, this isn’t 2014.

Lucroy has had a busy last year or so. In 2016, he was hitting .292 and had 24 home runs. Pretty impressive for a catcher.

He turned down a trade to the Indians. The Indians went to the World Series, and Lucroy went to the Texas Rangers.

There were rumors Sandy Alderson had a deal in place to acquire Lucroy. But the Brewers wanted Dilson Herrera AND Travis d’Arnaud.

Sandy dealt Dilson to the Reds for Jay Bruce instead. Score one for Sandy.

Lucroy opened this season with Texas, as their number one catcher. But his numbers dropped significantly from last year.

In 123 games with the Rangers, he hit .242. 50 points lower then his season total from 2016. And almost 60 points lower then his 2014 career high of .301

Lucroy had 51 extra base hits last season, and an OBS of .841

With Texas, he managed 19. His OBS of .716 is significantly lower.

Lucroy turns 32 in June. 32 year old catchers do not have bounce back seasons.

In 2014-2015 it made sense for the Mets to peruse him. Lucroy was coming off his best season as a pro. He was 4th in the MVP voting. But catchers do not age well, and the Mets currently have much more pressing needs.

Travis d’Arnaud has shown some real growth at the plate this season, and could finally turn into that offensive threat the Mets have been waiting for.

Kelvin Plawecki returned from AAA Las Vegas looking much more physically mature. He seems more mentally mature as well.

While not the best catching duo in the major leagues, the Mets current catchers have much more upside then a gamble on a 32 year old catcher having a come back season.